Hiatus- “a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.”

Well, I think I would define not blogging for 15 months as a bit of a hiatus. Sometimes you lose track of the things that you love, and as you get really busy some things fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, that has happened to this blog as I had originally felt like I needed to take a break from it, and that break ended up turning into an extremely long time. One positive was that at some point over the course of the last year or so I did finally eclipse the 3,000 view marker! With that said I’m back, and let’s actually dive into what you guys came to read this blog for.

Clearly, I am not the same person now as I was 15 months ago. That seems pretty obvious. If you compare my blogging in the past to my blogging over the next few weeks or so you will probably see very large differences. If you know me then you will know that who I am has evolved, and while there are parts of me that are the same I’ve become a different person. But getting back to the heart of the post, I want to come back again to this word hiatus because I find it actually very important to who we are. As it says at the top of the page, a hiatus is “A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.” I include the definition twice because I asked some of my friends what it meant, and I got a lot of… well interesting answers…

“Airplanes but stalled I guess”

“Someone that has a better vocabulary than me haha”

“Waiting for one season of Arrow to start after the other just finished 😉 “

“Taking a break”

“It sounds like a word that would go with the Macarena.”

Interesting observations to say the least 🙂

Now, in common speech hiatus is usually used when someone is taking a break from some activity like, “So-and-So will be taking a hiatus from teaching or “So-and-So should be taking a hiatus from playing golf”. If you didn’t pick it up, So-and-So in the last example is definitely Tiger Woods. I (Speaking for the American Public) absolutely beg Tiger Woods to take another break or just flat-out retire from golf for the benefit of literally everyone on the face of this earth. Anyways, these two examples are how we use hiatus in the common American vernacular; however, I would beg to differ with that. I think that the word hiatus isn’t only limited to activities or events, but hiatus also can refer to a lifestyle, certain qualities of a person, where their priorities are etc. and has a much deeper meaning than we would give the word to.

There are times in our lives where we are in transition, and it is in those times of transition we can often lose sight of who we are. Whether it is work, school, family, friends, or just anything happening in life, these segments of our life slowly chip away at and transform who we are. In order to deal with different parts of our life we often take different approaches then we normally would and take a break from acting in a certain manner. For example, maybe there’s a certain time in our life where we have more positive thinking. That doesn’t mean you’ve become a positive thinker, it just means that you’ve taken a break from a maybe more cynical viewpoint. Or, perhaps you are a person who has a short fuse on your temper, but you realize that innocent yet completely clueless intern working at your business was you once upon a time and you give them more grace than you normally would. It doesn’t mean you have less of a temper, you’re just taking a break from being as angry as you normally would.

Personally, I’ve seen this change in the way I view life. I’ve noticed that in the last few months I’ve started to become very cynical, and that is completely different from the positive person that I normally am. I am usually somebody who really enjoys whatever life has to give me and finds the positives in anything and everything. My favorite quote about this was when a friend told me that I handle life “like water off a duck’s back”. Basically, everything rolls off of me. Now, has that been true the last few months? No, I have let things get to me. I have lost my rational grip sometimes. While I had slipped into this pattern of behavior to deal with stressful things, I had forgotten what had got me to that point. I had taken a hiatus from my normal behavior, and now that I see how it did not work out. So I’m going back to the positivity that makes me who I am, and I’m going to just enjoy life. It’s sometimes easy to forget that every second of life really is amazing, and I’m going to fully return to the idea of fully enjoying every part of it.

Of course, a hiatus does not have to be a bad thing. For example a person who didn’t normally open up to people could start opening up to people, and that could make their life better because they could actually share it with good friends. It could be where someone maybe decided to start being responsible for their actions when they didn’t before. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving hiatus a negative connation because it can be positive or negative.

If you really think about it though, a hiatus is also important because it can lead to permanent change. If a change in behavior happens and you don’t revert back to your normal behavior, you do get permanent change. That’s really the question I’m trying to hint at. How do the hiatuses in your life affect you? Are they simply seasonal changes, or do they become permanent? Are the current ones making a positive or negative effect on your life? How have past ones changed who you are? These questions are just part of the myriad of thoughts that I’ve had lately, and maybe they are something that you’re interested in thinking about.

If this just didn’t really apply to you and you feel like you have all that stuff down at least you learned about the word hiatus. Because from the quotes I had received… well, you get what I’m saying. Some people needed to learn the definition! Anyways, this was a little more analytical than I normally write, but that’s how I was feeling so that’s what you get! Posts in the future will be more flowing and easy to settle into then this one. First post back is always the toughest. That hiatus doe.

P.S. To all my college friends, I miss you all! I’m having a great summer so far, and I wish I could spend it with all of you. I started my summer job on Monday and I think I’m going to love it. I’m just super excited for this summer, and can’t wait to see (through social media) how all of your summers go as well.