My Main Thoughts after I Graduated High School

So yes, I’ve graduated high school!!! It feels really cool and it was nice to see all my hard work pay off. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working haha, it just means I’m going to get to work even harder. However, that is life so I’m not really worried about it. People always say don’t you want to stay a high schooler forever? My answer is two-fold: Yes, I probably would like to be a high schooler for awhile longer just because it gives you time to have fun with your friends before you start working and go off to college. On the other hand, I can’t really answer that question because IT’S IMPOSSIBLE PEOPLE! So much has happened this last year that I’m still trying to grasp everything that happened. It’s a difficult task lol 🙂 I’m just gonna throw a few (of many lol) random thoughts out there that God has brought on my mind and you guys can see what you think of them.


One of the first points is that you simply have to be self-motivated in order to reach your greatest potential in life. You can be really successful based on natural ability or talent alone but you’ll never be the best you can be. I can personally say that I am not naturally a person to be self-motivated. If I stuck to my nature I would play and train for soccer then sit around and do nothing most of the day, no joke! I just naturally don’t feel like putting in that much effort. However, I’ve learned that you have to work hard in life (finally got what my dad had been teaching me all these years lol). In jr high and my freshman year of high school things always came easy to me. I never had to really work hard at school because I relied on my natural ability and pretty much got straight A’s. I didn’t have to work on growing up because I wanted to just be like everyone else and society allowed for that pretty easily. Plus at that age it is so easy to duck responsibility… much too easy that it should’ve been (once again based on society’s stereotype). The only times I had to work hard was when I was playing sports or when I was doing chores at home. For those of you that know my dad, he seems like a pretty cool guy but a little quiet sometimes. Sometimes he tells really good jokes and sometimes they just fall flat (we share that quality X) ) What I most admire about him is that he always works his tail off. ALL THE TIME. Whatever he is doing he puts everything that he can into that activity and is honestly like a head hunter- he NEVER quits until a job is done. He finally helped me see that motivation comes from inside you; deep inside your soul. So in my sophomore year, I realized that I was getting harder homework and that I needed to work harder. I figured out that self-motivation is the key and 3 years later I can say that I got out of high school with a 3.8ish GPA. One class this senior year that I needed a lot of self-motivation for was my physics class this year. Everyone who knows me (and has taken the class) knows how bad this class was; it was the freakin’ class of death. 1/5 of the class dropped and ½ of the people left completely failed the course. I really wanted to drop the course… I wasn’t getting really good grades (in my opinion C’s are the lowest you should go and I got a few D+’s) and high school soccer was just around the corner. I wanted to just ditch physics and have fun playing soccer, but my parents wouldn’t allow me to drop physics. That’s when God helped me realize that he put me in the situation that I was in for a reason. He wanted me to learn self-motivation and so I decided not to play high school ball in order to work on the class. I’m not whining or trying to put myself up on a pedestal- I’m just trying to show people what can happen when you get self-motivated. I spent an average of 5 hours A DAY on that class. I ended up finishing with a 79 (4th highest grade in the class) and pulled some people through with me. And I’m not saying that I’m always motivated these days. There are some things that I’m not motivated for and fail. However, I’ve learned the lesson that self-motivation will take you a long way in life and I’m going to work hard for the rest of my life 🙂


Another thing I learned about was growing up. First thing I would like to say is while I grew up a lot in high school I wish I coulda grown up even more and matured even more while I had a safety net under me. I feel like it is fair to say I’m very mature for my age yet I know I could’ve done more. There was so much time I wasted doing (this was honestly the only word I could think of) frivolous activities. Now, I’d like to explain myself a little more- IT’S ALRIGHT TO HAVE FUN!!!! I like to have fun myself. I love hanging out with my friends, being on social media, following sports etc. my point is that you have to keep these things in moderation. It’s a classic example but people who are on facebook more than 1 ½ hours a day: you have a problem lol. Most of the time you just sit there and do nothing- you’re wasting valuable time to be doing something else! If you do movies- once or twice a week during the school year is pretty chill but if you watch more: You don’t need to watch that many movies. Life moves very fast… one of the things my pastor has been preaching about lately is stewardship. Stewardship is pretty much managing something that isn’t your own… it’s been given to you. God gave us time to use for his glory. Those video games you pour so much of your life into: God didn’t make you to spend hundreds of hours playing Halo or Assassin’s Creed. Playing the games a little is fine, but putting your life into it… ridiculous. In 20 years people won’t care if you were the 200th best player in the world at World of Warcraft. People won’t care if you saw all these movies… people won’t care about how your social life went down… the list goes on and on… STAY FOCUSED on growing up. Use that time you’re wasting and not using for any good to become wiser. Dive into God’s word and study it more because he is the only thing worth living for and the more you read that the more you will grow in him. Instead of sitting on the couch… WWWWOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKKKKK!!! Find a job at home or go find a part-time job somewhere else that you can make money from (to save) and gain some valuable real-life experience. Or, what a novel idea, study even harder and get better grades!!! There’s so many ways you can better use your time… it sounds simple but it’s not. You honestly just have to find the balance between having fun and having too much fun. I can honestly say that I wish someone had told me this before I was in my senior year… I could’ve done so much more. To sum that up, always be trying to grow up because high school is perfect for that and God wants you to be using that time to become who he has made you to become!


Now that I’ve lost most of my teenage readers (cause I’m pretty sure that having less fun isn’t a very popular subject 😛 ) I will move on to another topic. You will have times in high school where you are confused as to “who you are”, where you’re going, and how to handle life. Every single person who is in high school or past high school knows what I’m talking about. There are very few people in this world that have everything together nearly all the time. There are trials because God wants you to grow stronger and closer to him. Trials suck at the time but they are so important to our spiritual growth. It’s like the silversmith refining the silver; God uses these trials to refine us. Always remember that you can survive any trial that you come across because God is always behind you and will give you the strength that you need. Many people automatically think of Philippians 4:13… “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” That is such a good verse and then I also like Psalm 73:26, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” God will ALWAYS give you the strength that you need, and that’s so important to remember (thus why I’m repeating myself lol)! There are times where you simply make your own trials though by bad decisions. I know that is the case for me and you know it’s happened to you. I’m gonna be candid… and why am I being candid? Most people fear other people judging them for their mistakes but I honestly don’t. People can talk about how I have messed up and so forth but I don’t care… because it’s true!!! We all make mistakes and we are all forced to really on Jesus dying the cross to save us. We’re all on the same ground and I love talking with my friends about their struggles and how to make life decisions. Working with others through life is something that I really like to do. So back to my candidness (spell-checker said it was a word haha) …mid-April through the end of May this year was horrendous for me in the department of making personal decisions. People couldn’t tell because I’ve always been a master at disguising my emotions but I put everything on my own back. I made decisions completely on my own and didn’t use sound judgment or common sense. I just made decisions in a way that made me feel good and totally was only thinking of myself. I reached for some stuff that I shouldn’t have reached for and the list goes on and on… I’ve been cleaning up the mess for awhile now but at least I learned that I can’t carry everything on my own. God had been helping me out so much I honestly forgot who was doing all the awesomeness in my life… and it wasn’t me lol. God showed me that I need to be patient (something that God is helping me to slowly improve in) and that I needed to put others before myself. God showed me that while I can be very close to him I can forget whose show it is. I was given a lesson about how I need God for every single heartbeat of my life or else I’m just living for no reason. I don’t know about you; but I want to live a life worth living. I want to follow God wherever he brings me. I said I would follow him to the death and I still hold fast to that. Anywhere he brings me I will go… even into Mordor ;D couldn’t help putting in a Lord of the Rings reference. Side trail really quick- I’m really jacked to watch the second installment of the Hobbit. That trailer was super-amazing and I’m only disappointed that we all have to wait for December to watch it!!! It’s gonna be the bomb 🙂 … anyways yes I will follow God on whatever path he leads me. I checked out this book from my church library and it’s called “The Search for Peace: Release from the torments of toxic unforgiveness” by Robert S. McGee and Donald W. Sapaugh. Actually, this book was the bomb! It helped me to release so much emotion that I had built up over the last 4-5 years and it was a great help in getting back to who I am. Another thing about this messy period was that I also was questioning who I was. Satan kept filling me with all these insecurities and I believed them. People sometimes forget… Satan is crafty in his schemes and is sooo cunning. I’m not using that as an excuse; I’m just reminding everyone that you have to be on your guard. I was caught COMPLETELY off-guard and wasn’t prepared for anything that went down. Be ready and stand firm. Satan will try to find ways to get you to drop your life principles but you have to not move an inch. The last thing… God gives you these trials to give you experience. Share that with people that are younger than you or anyone who needs it. Do you need to be specific? No, but at the same time you can speak in a general sense to help someone out. Also, just get back up. Don’t let Satan keep you on the ground… don’t let your past failures determine the future of your life. All your sin is gone 🙂 …So that’s what God has taught me about those moments of insecurities and failures… don’t be afraid because God is on your side. He will help you conquer anything that comes your way!


So yeah… those were the main points the God brought up. I’m sorry for not putting out blogs on a regular basis… my life has been moving at a speed of 300 mph the last month or so. We actually had an hour and a half of quiet time at a camp staff orientation I had this weekend… and I realized that it was the first time (besides for doing it in my bed at night haha)  I had a moment like that for quite awhile. It was very refreshing… but the graduation ceremony was really awesome. A bunch of my friends whooped it up when my senior video played and I got my certificate so it sounded like I was the most popular person in my class… which I found hilarious! That is FAR from the truth because I’m not even close to being the most popular person in my class but I realized all that whooping was yet another perk of being friends with the younger people in high school. Love the classes below me… they better invite me to all their graduations 😀 I was one of the two student speakers and while I didn’t do the best job God helped me to make an impact so I was really happy! So over the last week or so I’ve thought of so many other things that God has told me to write about. I hope it impacts you like it’s impacted me… and a shout-out to all the people who helped me through high school. My family, friends, moms (because when you’re homeschooled the moms play a big role and a lot of them are actually really cool 🙂 ) teachers and everyone else that has had a role in getting me through. I really appreciate all your help so much!!! I do need to actually relax though before I start work in two weeks… enjoy my little time where I’m free 🙂 Anyways, enjoy summer all you people and have fun and connect with God!!!!


P.S. Less than two months before I head off to college… I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life!


True Love

What’s true love? True love is always being there for those you love; ready to drop whatever is going on to help them out. True love is being patient with someone during their rough times and trying to help them find their way. True love is not being proud and allowing other people’s opinions to have the same level as your own. True love is allowing your hopes and ambitions to be put down in order that someone else’s might be raised up. True love is making sacrifices for those you love. True love is not being envious of someone’s social level or how many friends they have. True love is taking a friend or friends out just to have fun whether or not you have a busy schedule. True love is treating someone the way God would treat them. True love is realizing your mistakes and doing the best of your ability to erase those wrongs. True love is seeing something in this world that is wrong and doing whatever it takes to fix it. True love is putting the team before yourself and the team’s goals in front of yours.  True love is completely forgiving other people for their mistakes and not holding anything against them. True love is holding nothing back in your life. True love tells the truth even if it’s hard. True love finds a way to heal and restore the brokenhearted. True Love= God … and he is the only thing we need 🙂


P.S. Graduation tomorrow, SOO excited!

Your (God’s) Love is My Drug

So this was something I literally strung together piece-by-piece, little by little, between studying for finals (which has basically been the last two days lol) when my mind has hit a brick wall.

So as I’ve been studying for finals I’ve been listening to a TON of music because I’ve needed something to help me pay attention. Whenever finals roll around I always tend to listen to the widest diversity of music that I ever do… and since I’ve picked up a lot of new music over the course of the last quarter it has become more diverse than ever. More country flavor, some newer Christian stuff and a legit boatload of other music.  Oh, and by the way this will transition into something about God… it may not seem like it will but I promise you it will! So a song that has become one of my favorites over the last 2-3 weeks is “Your Love is My Drug” by Kei$ha. I am going somewhere legit with this, STICK WITH ME!!! Yea, so I’ve been listening to that song quite a lot… and God rose up a point with this.

God spoke to me and said am I everything to you? Of course I was yes, yes, yes!!! But God asked the question again except adding if I took everything away would I still be everything to you? I, like most every person on the face of this earth, froze for a few seconds… and I answered yes. Then God said but are you at the point where you NEED me to live (not counting the fact that I give you every breathe you breathe) your life and if I wasn’t a part of your life you would know that something was completely wrong. I truthfully had to answer, no, not quite there yet. I don’t know about people out there, but I have to admit the world sometimes can deceivingly look better than God. It just does sometimes because it plays to our human nature and teaches us that the zing of the moment is more important than eternity. Satan isn’t someone who sits back on his haunches… he will come after you… and different things happen. I’ve known this year there have been times where with God’s help I’ve been able to say no and leave something alone. On the other hand, there have definitely been times where I have fallen flat on my face and done something I shouldn’t have. ALWAYS, be on your guard. If you are a Christian Satan won’t leave you alone… so trust God to help you and BE PREPARED!!!

Anyways, God brought this up to me and I put some thought into it. I kinda came out with something like this… God wants us to be completely addicted to him. His love should be our drug. We should be living with him every second of our lives because he has given us every moment of life that we live. God is our center and we should always be thinking about him as we walk along the road, as we get up in the morning and when we lie down (if you don’t know that was a paraphrase from the Bible. The best book that was ever published so I think it was a legit paraphrase haha ;))

We should be so hooked on God’s Love that we feel the pain inside our soul when we walk away from it. As I’m sure Kei$ha has figured out lol, the love from people here on earth ain’t perfect. While we can almost always count on our family and best friends there are times where people simply break down. I know this year the times have been few but there have been times where I completely broke down and have lashed out at some of the people that are closest to me. We can always count on God’s love 100% because he never changes. He always loves us no matter what we’ve done and will not hurt us. I don’t know about you but I’ve come to realize that His love is all I need. It certainly helps to have strong bonds with family and your best friends don’t get me wrong haha, but when you get down to it God is it. He is everything and once you figure this out life can be so much better. So if you haven’t; do it. Make him the number one priority in your life. If you’ve done that than keep learning more about God and getting as close to him as you possibly can. Make his love your drug; put it in a place where you can’t survive without Him 🙂

P.S. Well, I never thought a Kei$ha song would inspire something like that HAHA. God has his ways! Well, I’ve almost graduated and I’ve realized what an amazing year it’s been. An absolutely crazy year for sure, but a sweet one at that. Just three more days of actually going to school while in high school!!!

P.P.S  Here’s the link to the song… it’s actually a pretty clean song… for Kei$ha lol.





A public letter to my dad as I graduate

So this was just a shout-out to my dad as I graduate… sort of a public letter so that you know how amazing my Dad is!!!


Dear Dad,


Well… the day is almost here. In ten days I will be graduated from high school and in two and a half months I will be at college. I can’t fully describe how much of an impact you’ve had on my life. I used to think (like all teenaged boys do haha) that I didn’t need your advice and that you couldn’t help me out… nothing could’ve been further from the truth! You’ve always been there for me and just everything you’ve done for me… it can’t all be accounted for. Whenever I wanted to pursue a goal you encouraged me, told me I could conquer it and help me out the most you could along the way.


 You played baseball, basketball and football at your high school, (then baseball at Community college) but you didn’t really like soccer so you quit that in 4th grade. So I played baseball and basketball for awhile but at the end of jr. high I just lost my love for basketball and in baseball (our favorite sport) I got benched in 9th grade. I’d been playing soccer and always really liked it but it was on a level playing field with all the other sports. You weren’t that big of a fan of soccer but you realized that I had fun so you let me keep playing despite the fact that it went into basketball season and that it started during the end of baseball season. Sports schedules when two sports were going on at the same time were CRAZY, thank you (and mom of course!) for driving me everywhere. When I told you I was quitting basketball and then baseball to focus on soccer I could tell you were a little sad, but you said go ahead son. You supported me fully and did absolutely everything to give me the best chance to succeed. Now, my skill in soccer has improved immensely and I play so much soccer. I didn’t play high school soccer this year because of that stupid physics class that was taking up 5 hours of my day 😛 but when my buddy who is almost at the same skill level I am made the all-conference team as an honorable mention the first thing you pointed out was that I could be that good. Plus you put up with my constant talking about European soccer and local soccer… that takes a lot of patience! Sticking to sports just a tad longer thank you for coming to so many freakin’ games!!! If we had to count all the baseball, basketball and soccer games I’ve had I’m sure it is upwards of at least 500. You only missed maybe 19-20 games and counting both you and mom it was probably only around 10 games without a fan. You missed a few because you had big events, you missed a lot of my high school soccer games simply because they were during your work and you had to take time off just to see the few you did and then you just let me drive myself to a few soccer games this last year. But you came to nearly every game I’ve ever had and you actually understand quite a bit of soccer now. Thank you for always being a great fan (I mean you only let those “unfair” soccer referees have a piece of your mind every few games haha) and praising me for my excellent plays on the field and cheering me up after I made some big errors or just had a horrible game.


Moving on… you taught me Godly principles from an early age- that has had such an amazing impact on my life. You set the ground work for my life and you followed exactly what the Bible says in Proverbs. Train a child up in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Thanks to everyone who has helped my faith (but mostly you and mom) I know God is the only thing I will ever need and I will never leave him and I have completely surrendered my life to him. You taught me other good principles like honesty, gratefulness, wisdom (which you had before you got some grey hair hehe)… and SOOO many others. You’ve shown me how to work hard and when other people give me compliments on how hard I work… I always know that it was because you taught me how. You’ve always been there if I wanted to ask you questions, and have just helped me through life. You’ve taught me how to forgive and forget even when people hurt me. You’ve taught me how to take responsibility for my mistakes. You’ve taught me how to be strong… I’m saying this with absolutely no bias. You and mom are literally the strongest people I’ve ever met. You’ve went through this whole thing with adopting my brother and then realizing he was deaf. Plus his medical appointments and constant therapy, his being in the hospital etc. it’s amazing how much you work to help him. You didn’t have a job for a while and I know it’s been very hard to make ends meet since you’ve been making less money but you have never complained. You’ve simply worked as hard as you can to make the best situation possible. You’ve also encouraged the dreams I have to be a history professor/teacher.


I just can’t thank you enough (now I’m crying while I’m writing this lol… and I don’t normally cry). You have been the best father anyone could ever ask for. If I could ever be half the man that you are I would be absolutely estatic. When I go off to college I know you’ll be calling and checking up on me (thanks to the long-distance phone that comes with the dorm!). Like the song Welcome Home (You) from Brian Littrell says, when I come home some weekends (and someday only a few when I get my own house, family etc.)  you’ll give me a big hug and say welcome home son. And you’ll be proud of everything I do along the way in life. Love you so much Dad…


Your son 🙂

Arrogance and Perseverance

Arrogance is one of the things that I hate more than anything else. That’s why I was confused when I saw and was told that I was becoming arrogant. At first I dove into complete denial and blamed it on a mixture of other things but when I truly looked at myself it was undeniable. I had started to unintentionally become arrogant. Overconfidence is something that none of us (most of the time) ever see coming and don’t realize how it is affecting us. Personally, the arrogance that I occasionally suffer from is the type of feeling like I know how best to handle the situation. I would say 95% of the time this isn’t the case but the other 5% it manages to sneak into how I handle things. When I’m in this “arrogant mode” I tend to ignore everyone else’s advice and continue to do things my way. Sometimes I even override God, which obviously is wrong, but Satan totally baits me. He says “Look at you, you’re so mature and definitely know how to run things on your own. People don’t care about you and most of the time they try to hurt you. Only you can determine your destiny.” I occasionally fall for this and I’m sure I’m not the only one who falls prey to this kind of reasoning. I mean, it’s human nature to fall for that… if something feeds us and tells us we’re awesome then our instinct is to worship it.


One story was back in the dog days of last summer (almost summer again!!!) when my soccer team was about two weeks from our first tournament and our coach had us all sit down. He then proceeded to talk about the best parts of an individual’s game and the poor parts. So I was sitting patiently near the end of the line and when he finally came to me I was ready to hear what he had to say. He went on and on about my best parts (because I’m so good 😉 haha) like that I was pretty fast, was top-notch at defensive headers and how I was a weapon on corner kicks, anchored the defensive line etc. so he finally said just one thing that wasn’t good about my game. He said that I had a tendency to become arrogant and ignore advice from my coaches and my teammates… I sometimes just picked a way to handle a play and most of the time it worked because of my natural ability and wonderful soccer skills hehe 😉 but on the other hand sometimes it backfired because I don’t know everything about soccer. At first, I told myself this… “you’re so good that he couldn’t find a negative and had to make something up”. Yes, I actually believed that. I was so stupid but after a few weeks I realized that what he said was right… from that point on I played without arrogance and it worked better than before. And didn’t have a problem with arrogance until…


About a month ago a few of my friends pointed out to me that I was acting a little arrogant and not completely like me. I actually feel bad because I went off on these people and totally ranted about how I was fine, just myself and yada yada. However, a little after that, I realized that these people were telling me the truth. Ya know, I feel like I’ve grown a lot in God the last year and become a stronger person. I’ve become somebody people can confide in and I’ve learned how to be a better friend (most of the time lol. I still fail sometimes!). However, I got blinded to my own arrogance because I told myself that stuff. I told myself that I was too good and didn’t need any help from anybody else. Thankfully, I (think) I’m getting back on track and being the person who I am… easy going and trusting God all the way!


So just a quick note… I decided to make this a two-part thing. Hope you like the second part and I’ll put a brief note about graduating at the end.


How is perseverance defined? Perseverance is defined by not only what you are willing to do to endure a test, but how far you are willing to go to attempt to solve the problem and how you come out at the end of that trial. There is a distinct difference in the two approaches to solving a problem. There is the nonchalant approach, which consists of mostly doing nothing, and the person just hopes the problem solves itself and/or disappears by itself. Conversely, there is the problem-solving approach where the person does the most they can to solve the problem and uses critical thinking to reach a point where they can then classify it as not a problem. It is fairly apparent the latter of these approaches is the one that is most successful; however, I’m going to take a quick voyage through the first method to explain why it is a bad one to use. Then I will take you on a journey via the second approach and see how that benefits the people who use it.


The problems with the nonchalant approach are beyond the number of fat cows in a lush green pasture (that metaphor was for Fat Cow if he reads these haha. If not, he’s now been honored in my blog and should start reading it). First of all, if you follow this procedure you will never be in control of the situation or be one of the people who have a say in the outcome. I’m not saying that in order to succeed you must be in control of a situation, but it certainly helps to be at the head of one sometimes. If you are never part of the group attempting to resurrect a situation by finding a solid solution for it, then there is a pretty good chance you will never get what you want and/or get a feasible solution. At best, the problems of your life will be hit-and-miss, 50-50 etc. Sadly, that is how most people live their life. That is why America is decomposing right before our very eyes. People aren’t willing to persevere through their problems and they don’t care about them. Therefore, their morals, beliefs, ideas etc. are all sliced down with ease because the people aren’t willing to cling on to who they truly are and allow their problems to change who they are. That is a complete absence of perseverance and without perseverance you’re only gonna fail 😦 Now that we see why this method is not the correct one to use, we can skedaddle over to the proper technique!


When you throw everything you have into solving a problem and endure all the stuff that comes along with it, you have just demonstrated perseverance. There is not much more you can do when a problem comes your way besides praying, using that to form a way to solve the crisis and throwing the whole kitchen sink against what is up against you. An example of this was a soccer game me and my team had in the group stage of last year’s state cup. We had just come off a 4-1 defeat of the minnows of the group and had to face a team that was not as skilled as we were. The first half was absolutely horrible, to put it MILDLY. We had one of our best players not show up; another one got lost and got there right at halftime, and the rest of us just played like crap. One of the worst halves we ever played as a team, but we managed to keep the score down to 3-0. As we were walking off the field the referee said halftime boys, but I heard one of their players talk to another one and say isn’t the game over already? A few other teammates heard it as well, and that really made us upset like no other. Now we coulda folded, believed what their player said, and pretty much have given up on the game. However, my team has been one to give their all and we decided to persevere through this trial. It seemed undoable, but we all knew that if we stuck with our guns and tried as hard as we could we would have nothing to be ashamed of. It took awhile, but we finally scored halfway through the first half to make it 3-1. Five minutes later, with a quarter of a game left, we scored again to make it 3-2. At this point, we had to go down to three men in the back, with me as the only center back. We had all our players up, desperately trying to get a result that would give us a good chance of advancing regardless of the result of our  next and last game. My old center back partner, Senol, rose to occasion on a corner kick with three minutes left and buried a ball that had been bouncing around the box into the goal. We were jacked up and that goal eventually ended up being the goal on tiebreakers that eventually got us into the state cup quarterfinals. Plus after the game we were mocking the other team’s player amongst ourselves, and for the rest of the tournament that was the top thing we did lol. I’ll always remember the specifics of that second half as long as I live 🙂 The point of that lengthy metaphor was to show a success that came from perseverance. The players on my team didn’t just give up and say we’d fight another day, we said we would fight to the death… and we did!


How you come out at the end of a trial is important as well. Continuing with the soccer example, whenever we were losing in game after that state cup game, we always believed we could win. We knew that whether we were losing by 2 or 1 we had the skill to comeback. Whenever you make it out of a trial, you need to look back in your rearview mirror and say what did God want me to learn out of this? Why was I given this trial by him, and also, did I handle it properly? God gives us trials to grow and get closer to him. I am going through a trial right now and while I can’t say it has been enjoyable, I can say this- I had been ignoring a problem for far too long, and God said hey, you need to solve this. At first I whined, said it wasn’t my problem and etc. but God told me I needed to clean up certain parts of my act. He showed me stuff I was locked into that I hadn’t even realized I was doing. Now, I’m starting to improve and while the situation hasn’t changed that much yet, I know I have changed a little for the better. That’s what God does, he just improves us little by little by little because he knows every part of us down to the deepest part of our soul and he’ll continue to help us get closer and closer to him until the day we die 🙂 It’s just up to us to persevere on toward what he wants us to find


Well, only twelve days left and I’ll be graduated from high school. It feels so weird… the whole year has passed by at a slow pace and now it’s ramping up at the end. I do know that now I have to grow up and act like a man so I will do my best to do that. However, since society gives me some slack I can still act like a teenager when I hang out with my friends haha! Wow… all the memories I’ve made from this year are amazing… never gonna forget my senior year!