When Life Pulls You Down

So I guess this is for the people out there whom have just felt pelted by life… a bunch of people have it worse than me. I will readily admit that, but I hope this is a help to anyone who just is frustrated with life. I’ve been pondering this subject for the last week or so and this is what I came up with… There are ways to combat these feelings 🙂


When life pulls you down the first thing you have to do is make sure you are letting God have the reins to your life (this should always be the case but doubly-make sure in these situations). If you don’t have this step first… to be blunt you’re screwed. If you let him God will help you fight these battles and can be a shelter for you to run to. In Psalm 61:3 it says “For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.” God is everything you need and he wants to be there for you. You have to realize God isn’t begrudgingly helping you; he does it because he loves you deeply. Jesus was human, he understands our pain and our suffering… and he knows how to help!


Another thing is realize whatever is going on is only for your own good. It really sucks at the time but after it’s all finished you’ll see what God was doing. He only gives us what he thinks is best for our lives and will make us grow as a person. He is doing something amazing with my, your and every single other person on the face of the earth’s (that was long lol) lives. I’m absolutely certain that your life will be more beautiful and fulfilling than it ever was without God and without these hurdles. To be honest, I feel stronger as a person than I was 2-3 months ago. I actually love the words from will.i.am’s song “that power”. “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, so I’m gonna get stronger.” Also, it is God’s strength that he gives to us so never think you are living on your own power. He is building your character and who you are more to where he wants it to be. That is the ultimate goal.


Also, with people I’ve learned you just have to forgive and forget. Yes, I know sometimes the people you forgive still treat you the same way… but don’t hold on to grudges… all the grudges do is bring you down. If a lot of people had the big picture and realized how much grudges were hurting them they would let them go. People can lie to you, act fake around you, gossip behind your back, throw your friendship down the drain, hurt your heart, gang up on you or whatever else but remember that a majority of the time they are only doing it to boost their own self-esteem. I’ve been figuring this out the last few months. So it’s not a shot at you as much as them trying to be in complete control of a situation and making themselves feel better. Sometimes people do take a purposeful crack at you because they hate you or whatever but just stay strong. Those people want to see you fall and get upset. The greatest thing you can do when somebody does that is to just keep going like nothing ever happened because that will show them that their insults aren’t working and they most likely will stop. If a friendship doesn’t work out maybe that was God putting somebody in your life for a season in order to accomplish something in your life. All in all though… you seriously have to let it all go. Don’t let something become such a huge distraction and sideshow that it ruins the rest of your life and don’t let little distractions and sideshows ruin your life either! Just forgive the person and forget… live life like it never happened. If you make a mistake… make it right! We’re all human and make mistakes so just realize that.      


So I will admit there are some awesome things that have happened to me the last 2-3 months; however, to be bluntly honest, I have pretty much felt like I’ve been in enemy territory (with a small team) constantly on the run (what a classy metaphor lol). Something in my life gets rocked and while I can eventually stabilize it with God’s help usually by then something else happens. Sometimes there is even multiple stuff at the same time… which obviously sucks. Then the same thing happens to my friends and I gotta be there for them. This is where my dad’s most said yet best quote comes in… he says it all the time but it is so true. “Son, life isn’t fair.” My dad is pretty wise… I mean he now has grey hair 😉 but really though he is a very wise man. Sometimes we get caught between reality and what we think is “fair” to happen. If we were basing it on fairness I (and just about every other person in the world) could sit here and whine on a constant basis. We’d be totally in our right too! However, that’s not how life works. We are in a fallen world and things just ain’t fair sometimes… you just gotta roll with it and trust God… life is too short. Don’t waste it worrying about this kind of stuff- take it from the almost graduated senior in high school.


Also, make sure you have solid friends you can talk to about stuff going on in your life… like the type you would want with you if you were backed up against a wall against an overwhelming force. Thankfully, I have a few of those friends and it is such a blessing for me to have them in my life. Find a few friends that you can trust and want to grow in your faith with because that helps everybody involved. You share in their struggles and they share in your struggles. It honestly relieves you so much.


Also, whenever you are in trials you grow more into the person God wants you to be and some good things come around. I’m a person with a ton of faults but God is slowly reshaping me into something more with his image. Plus nice things have happened like I’ve grown closer to some friends, kept friendships that I honestly thought were going to fall apart and other stuff. One person I’ve known for like six years but these last 8 months we’ve really grown super-close and it has been really cool. It’s funny how you think you know somebody and then you find out that they are much more different than you realized!


Finally, life goes on. I’ve said this thing to my small group at my youth group and my bestest (only a homeschooler would use this word lol) friends…10 years from now we’re gonna look back at everything that happened and we’re barely going to remember most of the stuff that went down. No reason to make a big deal of things… you honestly just have to take what happens and move on. God didn’t make life to dwell on crappy things that happened… He made it so you can use those moments to improve yourself for the present/future and so you will come closer to Him. Because being closer to Him is the ultimate goal of life and once you realize that He can do amazing things with you. And that’s pretty awesome!


P.S. Hope this helps people out… I know just writing what God spoke to me helped me a ton 🙂


P.P.S It is Memorial Day. Thank you to all the men and women who have given their lives for the United States of America and thank you to all those who put their lives on the line today. It’s greatly appreciated!!!


“I pray that yo…

“I pray that you will wake each morning and search for God throughout your day.
That you will meet the challenges life tosses your way with prayer and confidence.
That the toys and noise of this world will not reflect in your eyes.
That life will be an adventure with Christ; not too predictable or overly planned.
That you will make time to be available to Him.

I pray that when you see a need you will do your best to meet it.
When you see fear you will give comfort.
When you see anger you will respond with patience.
When you see injustice you will defend.
When you see a life without Christ you will make an introduction.

I pray that when you are in need you will go to Him and graciously accept the help He sends.
When you are afraid you will curl up in His loving arms.
When you are angry you will look at the situation through His eyes.
When you are treated unfairly you will seek His comfort and guidance.

I wish you joy with just enough discomfort so you will appreciate the joy.
I wish you prosperity with just enough struggle to make you responsible and generous.
I wish you peace but not enough to make you complacent.

Embrace the life He gives you,
Always seek His face,
Always hope, always dream,
Work hard, pray hard
Serve often, laugh often

And love unconditionally…
As He has always loved you.”

Well I had a graduation thing at my church
tonight and they said this one prayer aloud. It was funny how the whole thing
was basically what I’ve sworn my life to because I love my God so much and just
want to please him. This is how I have and am planning to live my life- for the
glory of my God. Nothing is for me cause it’s all for Him.

Well as normal God pretty much just blows me away. Wowza. What a God we serve!


P.S. I am nearly to graduation. It’s been a wonderful year and I’m ready for all the challenges that life will bring along in the years to come 🙂

God is Your Life

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” Ecclesiastes 12:1


I think this verse perfectly applies to the people of my age who are just becoming adults or those already in college because we’re at the in between stage. We’re adults yet we don’t have the financial means to support ourselves quite yet. We can make our own decisions with a bit of help but we just aren’t on our own. Finally, we’ve honestly moved on from our youth but we haven’t hit the hardest things in life yet. Personally, I think God is just saying make me a portion of your life that never goes away. Even when you’re a kid or a teenager and your life is easier than it will be someday when you’re an adult please stay with me. When stuff goes on and you just don’t know where to look… look at me!!! You see, if you make God the number one thing in your life when times are good then he’ll definitely be there when you’re on hard times. God doesn’t want to be your back-up plan or only be thought of during rough times… He gives you the good times as well so He should definitely be part of those! I play soccer and when I play I think of him because I feel his pleasure when I’m out there playing with the skills that he’s given me. I score a goal and my finger point up to him first because everything that I accomplish on that soccer field, every hustling play, every defensive stop, every sprint, every play… it’s all for his glory; not mine.


Essentially, God is saying make me a strong part of your life so that I can help you along in life. Personally, I know there’s a good chance I will be messed up physically in my mid to later years because I have hammertoes, a bad leg and a somewhat bad neck… and I’m going to be playing more soccer so it’s probably just going to get worse lol. I know other people are in a lot more pain than I am but that’s what I think about for the days of trouble. Someday I won’t be able to be as active as I want to be and someday I will have to quit playing soccer. May that day be VERY far in the future. Also, I know getting a job, building up wealth, buying a house etc. that’s not going to be easy. You set the tone for the rest of your life in your 20’s and I know there will be some days where I feel like quitting and living in my parent’s basement for the rest of my life (wait a minute, we don’t have a basement. I’ll figure that out later 😉 ).


I know there have already been days where I feel like I have no idea what to do with what’s going in my life… and that’s where I need to trust God. There will be days where I will find NO pleasure in them whatsoever; however, that’s where God shines the most 🙂 He changes our lives into something we can’t even fathom and he controls every tiny detail of our destinies. I’m excited for where I am going in life and no matter how hard anyone tries to derail me I’m following God. No matter what happens he has me and I don’t need to worry about anything else. I just need to keep my eyes fixated on him and not move them a single inch. I’m not planning on doing anything otherwise 🙂